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Workshops 2018

The Teacher Training Institute (TTI) offered several on-site training workshops in 2018 in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia:

The main objectives of the workshop were to help educators:

  1. Recognize the importance of using non-traditional pedagogical techniques and strategies in their classes
  2. Develop their own blended methodology to model and foster reflective activities to heighten the teaching/learning process
  3. Apply various techniques and strategies in their classes to foster non-traditional teaching and learning
  4. Communicate with others effectively
  5. Collaborate with others to resolve work conflict

The TTI is scheduled to give the school another three-day workshop in December. It will focus on the four Cs in the curriculum: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, and on formative versus summative assessment.

  1. School responsibilities
  2. Main duties of coordinators/heads of departments at schools
  3. An instructional leader
  4. A strategic planner

The first workshop covered the following points:

  1. Defining learning disabilities and what they look like in the classroom
  2. Universal design for learning (reaching all students and planning for different learning types/abilities/styles, right from the start)
  3. Practical but evidence-based strategies 

The second workshop focused on classroom management, including:

  1. Learning environments (pro-active measures)
  2. Time management for teacher and students (time on tasks, active learning, etc.)
  3. Policies and rules for behavior
  4. Reactive measures
  5. Sanctions
  6. Rules and hands-on

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