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Dr. Paul Tabar (Director) Sociology/Anthropology at the Lebanese American University, Beirut campus, and Affiliated Researcher with the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney. He is a co-author of On Being Lebanese in Australia: Identity, Racism, and the Ethnic Field (Institute for Migration Studies, LAU Press). He is also the co-author of Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other (The Institute of Criminology, Sydney University, 2004), and has published many articles on Lebanese and Arab migrants in international journals.

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Dr. Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss is Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at LAU. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Politics and International Relations from the University of Maryland, USA (2005). A specialist in post-communist politics, national identity and women and politics, she has published book chapters and articles focusing on return migration, elite politics and national identity construction in Europe and the U.S. She has taught in the US and Lebanon and has also worked as a researcher on issues of international development. She published a book chapter concerning women and labor migration from the Baltic States to other states in the EU and the impact of this migration on Baltic national identities in 2008. She has recently co-edited with Paul Tabar, a volume on the Lebanese Diaspora: Politics Culture, and the Lebanese Diaspora (2011).

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Dr. Ray Jureidini is associate professor of sociology and joined the Institute for Migration Studies at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in February 2011. Prior to that, he was Director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Dr. Jureidini is an Australian Sociologist, specializing in industrial and economic sociology and has taught in 5 different Australian universities before venturing to the Middle East. He is on the editorial boards and a reviewer for a number of academic journals. In the past twelve years, beginning at the American University of Beirut, Dr Jureidini has been researching and publishing in the field of migration, xenophobia, and human trafficking, with specific reference to human rights and female migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, Egypt and the Middle East generally. He has also conducted research projects on migration and refugees (Somalis, Ethiopians and Iraqis) as well as child domestic workers. Along with continuing projects in the field, he is writing a book on migrant domestic workers in the Middle East for Routledge.

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May Habib is a research assistant at the Institute for Migrations Studies. She holds an M.A. in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations from the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont. She currently teaches English to migrant workers at the Migrant House in Nabaa. Her research interests include: anthropology of migration, diaspora, social identity and minority rights in the Middle East.

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Lama KABBANJI (PhD), Researcher, Centre Population Développement (CEPED - UMR 196 Université Paris Descartes - IRD - INED) - France

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Martyn Eagan, doctoral candidate, European University Institute, Florence

Jason Tucker, doctoral candidate, The University of Bath, U.K

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