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B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature

B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature

The BA degree in Arabic Language and Literature provides students with a solid knowledge of the principal disciplines included under Arabic Studies, namely the fields of Arabic literature, Arabic language, and Arab-Islamic thought. 

It prepares students for today’s interdisciplinary graduate studies programs in Arabic Literature and Language, Comparative Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, etc. 

Students will acquire a high level of mastery of Arabic grammar and other branches of Arabic linguistics such as philology and lexicology. They will also become fully acquainted with major trends of literary production in both medieval and modern times, as well as theories of Arabic rhetoric, prosody and literary criticism from classical, modern and post-modern perspectives. 

The program also equips students with analytical and writing skills that will qualify them for jobs in a variety of fields such as education, journalism, publishing, translation and creative arts. Students will be able to express the outcome of their learning in a scholarly manner, and they will acquire proficiency in surveying primary and secondary sources of Arabic language and literature.


The B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature major requires 92 credits: 

Total Core requirements (39 credits)

Core Courses

Number Title Cr
ARA 303 Arabic Grammar and Syntax 3
ARA 304 Arabic Linguistics 3
ARA 305 Arabic Philology and Lexicography 3
ARA 310 Classical Arabic Rhetoric and Literary Criticism 3
ARA 312 Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism 3
ARA 320 Pre-Islamic and Umayyad Poetry 3
ARA 323 Abbasid Poetry 3
ARA 324 Andalusian Literature 3
ARA 325 Classical Prose  3
ARA 341 Modern Arabic Novel and Short Story  3
ARA 342 Arabic Drama 3
ARA 343 Modern Arabic Poetry 3
ARA 499 Senior Study 3

Arabic Electives (9 credits)

Number Title Cr
ARA 313 Creative Writing  3
ARA 326 Arab Civilization and Culture 3
ARA 327 Sufi Literature 3
ARA 328 Arabic Folk Literature 3
ARA 329 Travel Literature 3
ARA 330 Lebanese Literary Heritage  3
ARA 344 Trends in Modern Literature 3
ARA 488 Topics in Arabic and Literature 3

Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements (34 credits)

Free Elective Courses (10 credits)


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