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B.A. in History

The History Program at LAU aims to instill in students an in-depth appreciation of the past by exposing them to a global focus on both Eastern and Western civilizations through a consideration of the complex interactions across cultures over designated spans of time—interactions that collectively constitute the sum total of the human experience. Learning about the past has the dual purpose of helping students to acquaint themselves with the accumulated wisdom of the ages, while at the same time allowing them to discern the errors of eras gone by in order to avoid repeating them. A proper and systematic grounding in history therefore becomes the surest way to form character, cultivate perspective, illuminate context, and refine an understanding of what it means to belong to the human family.


Students must complete 42 credits in core requirements distributed among 14 courses of three credits each. Some courses are themselves required, but in most cases, the student will have considerable choice within designated areas, as can be seen in the course list provided below. This is designed to maximize even distribution, and increase both breadth and depth, among the different fields within history. In addition, all majors must complete a 40-page Senior Study. The topic will be selected and formulated by the student in consultation with a history advisor of the student’s choosing, and it must demonstrate serious scholarship and original thinking.

The history program features nine distinct components. Within each component there are required courses for those majoring in history as well as other courses that can be taken either as electives or as part of the Liberal Arts Core.

Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements (34 credits)

Major requirements (42 credits)

Four  required courses:

Number Course Cr
HST205 Historical Tools 3
HST231 History of Lebanon, from the Imarah to the 1975-1990 War 3
HST401 Special Topics 3
HST499 Senior Study 3

Choose one course from the following: 

Number Course Cr
HST220 The Ancient World, Pre-History to Pericles 3
HST221 The Ancient World, Greece and Rome 3

Choose one course from the following:

Number Course Cr
HST240 History of the Arab Peoples 3
HST241 History of Islam in the Middle East 3

Choose one course from the following (other than the course chosen in the above section):

Number Course Cr
HST240 History of the Arab Peoples 3
HST241 History of Islam in the Middle East  
HST242 Europe and the Middle East (1798-1956) 3
HST243 Economic History of the Middle East 3
HST244 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 3

Choose two courses from the following:

Number Course Cr
HST301 Europe in Late Antiquity 410-1066 3
HST302 Medieval Europe 1066-1453 3
HST303 Early Modern Europe 1450-1750 3
HST304 Modern Europe 1750-1945 3
HST305 Contemporary Europe 1945-1989 3

Choose three courses from the following:

Number Course Cr
HST330 History of Byzantium 3
HST331 History of Russia 3
HST332 History of China 3
HST333 History of South Asia 3
HST334 History of North America 3
HST335 History of Central and South America 3
HST336 History of Africa 3

Choose two courses from the following:

Number Course Cr
HST340 Topics in the History of Ideas 3
HST341 Topics in the History of Science 3
HST342 Topics in the History of Religion 3
HST343 Topics in Economic History 3

Free electives (16 credits)

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