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Richard Khuri

Dr. Richard K. Khuri is a full time professor of philosophy, religion, mythology and cultural studies at LAU.

The Lebanese war inspired him to seek a vocation rather than a profession, and philosophy came naturally shortly thereafter.

In his doctoral dissertation, he discussed a fundamental metaphysical theme (namely depth/transcendence) through combining insights that came by way of piano music, modern art and poetry, physics, and philosophers like Schopenhauer and Wittgenstein.

Since 1996, Khuri has been traveling widely to international conferences.

Selected publications

  1. Freedom, Modernity, and Islam: Toward a Creative Synthesis (Syracuse University Press: Syracuse, NY, 1998).
  2. Several academic papers dealing with philosophy and contemporary science, some of which were published by the American Institute of Physics and the New York Academy of Science.
  3. Papers on freedom, phenomenology, the philosophy of art, Islamic thought have respectively been published by Brill (Holland), Kluwer (Holland), the American Catholic Philosophical Association, and the Open Court Press.
  4. A series of his literary and critical articles appeared in the international newspaper al-Hayat.
  5. More recent academic publications express new thoughts regarding the themes of his dissertation and book.

Academic degrees

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