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Nidale Daccache

Dr. Nidale Al-Amyouni Daccache is an associate professor of Arabic literature at LAU’s Department of Humanities. She joined LAU in 2004, and then became a full time professor in 2009.

Dr. Daccache’s researches mainly shed light on Arabic literature in the Abbasid Epoch and contemporary poetry. Furthermore, Dr. Nidale is active in several professional organizations and has participated in Symposium II, the limits of words at LAU (2016). She was also a member of USAC council this year. Furthermore, Dr. Daccache is an active member in Mosaic’s newspaper and has participated in activities such as Dancing with the professors (2016). Previously, She was part of “asking the case for a civil state” and “Enlightening Lebanon Events”, which were events at LAU (2010) (2011). Furthermore, Dr Daccache attended Convention on The language of democracy: approaches and shifts on the 26th of April 2012. Currently, Nidale Member of the administrative community of “Halkat Al Hiwar Al Thakafi” Cultural Organization, concerned with Lebanese and Arab Culture. Dr. Daccache had several media appearances in Part of a professional cultural society. 

Selected publications 

1- La problématique de l’expression entre classique ET l’argot. Centre culturel  Arabe Institut europeen de la culture arabe   (Bruxel )publication in an international   refereed journal .

    2- Khalil Hawi’s opinion of his time, in the “esthetique” of the body (Publication in an international refereed journal) AIJCR

    3- dirasa panoramia lil kasida al hadisa “Dar El Machreq “

    4- surat al maraa fi al 3asr al amawi .  Mansoura University Journal of the Faculty of Arts. Accepted in 29August (Regional journal)

    5- al tawzif al fani lil ustura  fi al chi3ir al urduni 2010 majalat al hadatha. (local journal)

    6-al kisa wa irtibataha  bi waki3 al zaman wal makan 2011 majalat al (local journal)

    7-al dalalat al bayenia bayna il waki3 wal kayal ( du3bul al kuza3i) Awrak jami3iyaa rabitat asetizat al jemi3a al lubnania.

    Edited a book of proceedings for the 3nd Arabic Convention held at LAU Spring 2012


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