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Latif Zeitouni

Dr. Latif Zeitouni is a professor of Arabic literature in the Department of Humanities at LAU Beirut.

His research interests include translation studies, linguistics, traveling literature, narratology and narrative analysis. 

Selected publications


1. Arriwaya al’arabiya: albounya wa tahawolat asSard (Arabic Novel: Structure and Metamorphosis of Narrative). Librairie du Liban Publishers. Beirut, 2012

2. Mo‘jam Mustalahat Naqd Arriwaya (Dictionary of Narratology). Beirut: Librairie du Liban Publishers and Annahar Publisher, 2002, pp. 235.

3. Sémiologie du Récit de Voyage (Semiotics of Voyage). Beirut: Lebanese University Press, 1997, pp. 289. (in French).

4. Harakat Attarjama fi ‘Asr Annahda (Translation in the Renaissance). Beirut: Annahar publishers, 1994, 190 pages.

Book translations

  1. Questions Générales de Littérature (General Literary Issues). By Emmanuel Fraisse & Bernard Mouralis.Translated by Latif Zeitouni. Kuwait: National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), Kuwait, 2004, pp. 285.
  2. Les Problèmes Théoriques de la Traduction (The Theoretical Issues in Translation). By Mounin, Georges. Translated by Latif Zeitouni. Bagdad: Ministry of Culture Press, 1992. Republished in Beirut: Al Mountakhab al Arabi, 1994, pp. 320.

Book chapters

  1. “Structuralism With Multiple Faces,” The Horizons of the Contemporary Literary Theory, Al Muassasa al ‘Arabiya, Beirut, 2007.
  2. “The Spiritual Dilemma of the Emigrant Writers.” The West in Arabic Eyes, Kuwait, 2003.


  1. “Structuring the Seductive Woman in the Arabic Narrative Texts” Cairo: Fusul, 66 (2005).
  2. “The Mirrors of Justice: A Research in the War Novel in Lebanon” Kuwait: ‘Alãm al Fekr, 31 (2002).
  3. “The Elements of Narrative Structure in Rashid Da’if’s Novels” Kuwait, Arab Journal for the Humanities, University of Kuwait, 77 (2002).
  4. “Semiotics and the Journey Account” Kuwait: ‘Alãm al Fiker, 24.3, (1996).
  5. “The Issues of Translation in Linguistics” Beirut: Littératures et traduction, Saint Esprit University, 1 (1995).
  6. “Fuad Kanaan and the Presence of the Writer” Beirut: Hawliyyat, Saint Joseph University, 5 (1990/1993).
  7. “Drama in the Renaissance – A Comparative Study” Beirut: Al Fikr al‘Arabi, 64 (1991).
  8. “Translation of Poetry in the Renaissance” Bagdad: Afaq ‘Arabiyya, 12 (1987).
  9. “Heart of Lebanon: A Geo-Semiotic Study” (in French). Beirut: Hannoun, Lebanese University, 19 (1987).
  10. “Translation in the Renaissance” Beirut: Dirasat, Lebanese University, 22(1987).
  11. “Methods of the Renaissance Writers in Translation” Bagdad: Afaq ‘Arabiyya, Bagdad, Iraq 1986.

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