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English Learning Lab

The English Learning Lab on the Beirut campus is a learning environment that offers programmed texts, cassettes, filmstrips, etc., for the development of different skills and increased effectiveness in the use of basic learning tools. It is equipped with a number of internet-connected computers and one multimedia set.

Laboratory sessions reinforce listening, speaking, reading, writing, and note-taking skills. It can accommodate up to 40 students. Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) tools are offered to support the learners in their work. In addition, self-access facilities are available in this room. Online learning, provided by WebCT/Blackboard, is also offered as part of reinforcing academic learning skills.

In addition to regular class work, the English Learning Lab offers a service called the Take Over Program (TOP). The purpose of this program is to help learners overcome English language problems that might get in the way of their academic achievement. TOP equips students in need of extra help with the skills they require to succeed in their academic life. Students can come to TOP with any number of English language-related needs, from reading and comprehension, to writing well constructed essays. The program is very flexible; students can join or leave it at any time. It is based on face-to-face tutorials and sometimes on small classes of up to five students with similar language problems. This program is also supported by WebCT/Blackboard.

In the English Learning Lab, an unlimited number of learners can find, both onsite and/or online, a selection of references and materials to help them in their academic English learning. Online materials and links undergo continuous updates.

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