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Department of English

Mission, objectives and learning outcomes


The BA in English at the Lebanese American University aims at providing students with communicative competence in English and at enhancing their qualification potential for a wide range of career opportunities.

Program objectives

The BA in English Program shall:

  1. Prepare graduates for field-related careers in Lebanon and abroad;
  2. Prepare graduates for follow-up graduate programs in English Studies, Comparative Literature and other interdisciplinary fields.

Learning outcomes 

Students of this program will be able to:

  1. Students shall be able to analyze texts from multiple points of view in the context of history, society, culture and politics.
  2. Students shall be able to demonstrate the ability to interpret, explain, and appraise the allusive qualities of texts
  3. Students shall be able to evaluate the principal theoretical assumptions in literature and culture.
  4. Students shall be able to demonstrate knowledge of thematic content and the formal features of discourse.
  5. Students shall be able to interpret a variety of texts from a systematic linguistic perspective.
  6. Students shall be able to demonstrate ability to write for various print, artistic and media genres.
  7. Students shall be able to produce individual scholarly research projects of significant length.

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