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Nabelah Haraty

Dr. Nabelah A. Haraty is assistant professor of oral communication and English at the Lebanese American University. She has taught and coordinated different levels of English courses offered. She has also taught Business English (ESP) at the School of Business. Her interests include critical thinking, communication skills, public relations, and leadership.
Haraty’s publications and research are related to the field of oral communication and sociolinguistics. She has attended many workshops given by experts in the field. She has also given many workshops in her areas of expertise. She was in charge of the faculty development project, which was hosted by the Department of Humanities in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy. She has co-authored a textbook on teaching English as a second language which is used in many secondary high schools in Lebanon and the Arab world.
In 2007, she was the recipient of LAU’s Best Teacher Award. She is an active member of the English Speaking Union and co-founder of TESOL Lebanon.
Dr. Haraty also coordinated the joint LAU and MEPI ‘s Young Women Leaders Program. She organized and gave workshops in Yemen, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on leadership qualities and team work.

She coordinated and organized, in collaboration with the British Council, a workshop with different schools on how to debate. This project involved her students who tutored high school students.

Selected publications


  1. Oueini A. & N. Haraty (2000) Stepping Stone: textbook, grade 12. World Heritage Publishers.
  2. Oueini A. & N. Haraty (2000) Stepping Stone: workbook, grade 12.World Heritage Publishers.
  3. Oueini A. & N. Haraty (2000) Stepping Stone: Teacher’s Guide, grade 12. World Heritage Publishers.

Journal articles

  1. Haraty, N. & A. Oueini (2003). “The Carrot or The Stick What Motivates Students.” The Association Of American International Colleges and Universities (AAIC).
  2. Haraty, N. & R. Mohsen (2002). A taste of the Real Thing: Public Speaking Activities for Deaf Students. CTAM Journal.
  3. Haraty, N & A. Oueini (2001). Current Research in Multilingualism and Education in Lebanon. A report in Mediterranean Journal Of Educational Studies, 6(1), pp. 81–90.

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