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Nermine Mufti Hage

Nermine Mufti Hage is a senior English instructor in the Department of English at LAU. She has been teaching at LAU since 1993.

She has participated in several workshops on language teaching sponsored by LAU and other educational institutions.

A human rights activist, Hage is involved in several programs to serve people with special needs in the community. She has been a volunteer member in the Youth Association for the Blind (an NGO that aims at integrating visually impaired people in the society) since 1990, and its vice president since 1996. As part of her work in this NGO, Hage has given numerous training sessions to school teachers on how to integrate students with special needs in regular classrooms. She has also participated in several workshops on the education of persons with special needs in Lebanon.

She has recently devised a special Business English course for visually impaired adults.

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