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Nahla Bacha

Dr. Nahla (Nola) Bacha is Professor of Applied Linguistics/TESOL in the Department of English. 

She is a receiver of British Council and USA Fulbright scholarships, has presented papers and workshops at local and international conferences, and organized ELT workshops and conferences at LAU for the community.

Her publications include English texts for the Lebanese National Center for Educational Research and Development, chapters in edited books, and articles in international journals in discourse and  corpus analysis, EAP/ESP, writing, testing, and  bi/multilingualism. She is a reviewer for several international refereed journals and an associate editor of The Linguistics Journal.

Currently, Bacha is researching English across university disciplines, learner-centered curricular and in redefining the role of English programs within both academic and professional contexts. Of Lebanese-Australian background, she is also currently doing research in contrastive rhetoric analysis.

Dr. Bacha is a member of several professional organizations including Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages, USA (TESOL), TESOL Lebanon, British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) and the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (APETUS).

Selected publications

  1. Bahous, R., Bacha, N.N., Nabhani, M. (2012) Multilingual educational trends and practices in Lebanon: A case study. International Review of  Education (IRE) 57(5)737-749. Springer Publishers  DOI: 10.1007/s11159-011-9250-8.
  2. Khachan, V. &  Bacha, N.N. (2012) A vocabulary corpus-based analysis of L2 academic writing: A case study. Asian ESP Journal. 8(1) Time Taylor International Publishers.  
  3. Bacha, N.N. & Bahous, R. (2011). Foreign Language Education in Lebanon: A Context of Cultural and Curricular Complexities. Journal of Language Teaching and Research.  2(6), 1320-1328
  4. Bacha, N.N. Nabhani, M. & Bahous, R. (2011)  Highschoolers’ perceptions of academic  integrity. Research Papers in Education,  pp.1-17.
  5. Ghandour, H., Bahous, R., & Bacha, N. (2011). Discourse on ageing in the autumn of life: language, identity, society and learning in a Lebanese nursing home. International Journal of Education and Ageing, 1(3), 267 - 284.
  6. Bacha, N.N. (2010) Teaching literature in English as a foreign language classrooms: A study of student attitudes.  International Journal of the Humanities. (8)1, 47-64.
  7. Bacha, N. N. & Bahous, R. (2010) Student and teacher perceptions on plagiarism in academic writing.  Writing and Pedagogy  (2) 2,  251-280.
  8. Fidous,  D., Bahous, R., Bacha, N.N.  (2010)  CALL in  elementary classrooms. International Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning. (23)2, 151-168.
  9. Bacha, N.N. (2010). Teaching the academic argument in an EFL environment. Journal of English for Academic Purposes (9)3, 229-241. Elsevier Publishers.
  10. Bacha, N. N. (2010) Teaching EFL/ESL Students Critique Writing In Pennington and Pauline Burton (Eds.) The College Writing Toolkit: Tried and Tested Ideas for Teaching College Writing (pp.251-280).  London: Equinox Publishers.
  11. Bacha, N. N. & Bahous, R. (2007.) Contrasting views of business students’ needs in an EFL environment. International Journal of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). 27:74-93. Elsevier Publishers.
  12. Bacha, N. N. (2007). “A blind learner in EFL mainstream classes: A case study at The Lebanese American University. In Brian Tomlinson (ed.) Language Acquisition and Development: Studies of First and other Languages, (pp. 267-281), London: The Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.

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