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Luma Balaa

Dr. Luma Balaa is an associate professor of English studies in LAU’s Department of English. She teaches Literature courses at the Undergraduate, B.A and M.A level.

Her research interests are fairytales,gender studies, women’s writings and Anglo-Lebanese Exile Literature.  

Dr. Balaa is a member of MLA (Modern Language Association).

Selected publications

  1. “Children’s Response to Hoodwinked, the movie”. Looking Glass Journal: New Perspectives in Children’s Literature 16,2 (2012)
  2. “The comic disruption of stereotypes in Loubna Haikal’s Seducing Mr. Maclean”. Antipodes: A Global Jurnal of Australian/New zealand Literature. Dec. 2012.
  3. “Developing Detailed Rubrics for Assessing Critique writing:Impact on EFL University                 Students’ Performance and Attitudes” TESOL Journal March 2011 (CO-authored with Dr. Diab).
  4. “Gender and Sexuality in Saadawi’s Two Women in One”, the conference proceedings at the conference on “Discrimination and Tolerance in the Middle East”at LAU organized by the Orient Institute and the Dept of Humanities on May 2-4,2007).
  5. “Use of rubrics in teaching and assessing writing a critique”. (Proceedings of the conference on assesment at LAU in November, 2009- co-authored by Dr. Diab).

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