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Jenine Abboushi

Dr. Jenine Abboushi is an assistant professor of cultural studies and comparative literature.

Her research interests focus on 19th century to 21th century American, English, Arabic, French and Francophone literature and cultures; colonial and postcolonial studies; literary and cultural theory, gender studies, Islamism, culture and globalization, and film and new media.

Her doctoral studies in comparative literature at Harvard focused on 19th and 20th-century American, French and Arabic literature and cultures. She wrote a comparative study of cultural imperialism, showing how central concepts of the aesthetic developed in dialogue with perceptions of non-Western aesthetic forms, ideologies and social practices.

Prior to LAU, she taught in the departments of comparative literature and Middle Eastern studies at New York University. Following a Fulbright year, she moved to Morocco to work on creative writing projects, and to conduct research, funded by a MacArthur Foundation grant, on Islamism, gender and new media.

At LAU, she teaches courses in comparative literature, creative writing, translation and literature, and the novel and cinema. Her current research projects include non-native literature and cultural representation, the city in translation and literature/film collaborations.

Selected publications

  1. “The Big Screen in the Translational Novel,” chapter 9 in Life Without Media, Ed. Eva Comas, et al. (Peter Lang,pubs.), July 2013.
  2. “American Expansion UnManifest: Emerson’s ‘Inquest’ and Cultural Regeneration,” American Literature, March 2001: 47-83.
  3. “Hizballah’s Virtual Civil Society,” Television and New Media, vol. 2, no. 4, November 2001.
  4. “French Cultural Imperialism and the Aesthetics of Extinction,” The Yale Journal of Criticism, vol. 13, no. 2 (2000): 229-265.
  5. “The Perils of Occidentalism: How Arab Novelists are Driven to Write for Western Readers,” Times Literary Supplement, April 24, 1998.
  6. “Al-Thaqafa al-alamiya wa siyasat al-tarjama” (Global Culture and the Politics of Translation) Al-Adab (vol. 47, n0. 7-8), July 1999
  7. “Estetica politica: El acto de pasar de Makbara” (Aesthetics and politics: Passing in Juan Goytisolo’s Makbara). Quimera: Revista de literatura, April 1999
  8. “Muhammad Taha’s ‘Mas’ ud u Wagida”, “Journal of Arabic Literature, 23:3 (november, 1992)

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