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Irma-Kaarina Ghosn

Dr. Irma-Kaarina Ghosn is an associate professor in the Department of English at the LAU Byblos campus, where she has been teaching since 1991.

She is also the director of the Institute for Peace and Justice Education at LAU.

Her research focuses on the influence of language teaching materials and classroom interactions on children’s second/foreign language learning. She is also interested in the overall quality of primary school classroom teaching and learning environment.

Since 1995, Ghosn has also been involved in peace education. She was a member of the International Advisory Group of the Global Campaign for Peace Education, launched by the Hague Appeal for Peace.

Ghosn’s main hobby is writing for children, and in 1998, her Caring Kids: Social Responsibility Through Literature (Dar El-Ilm Lilmalayin, 1999), a series of 10 children’s stories and a pedagogical guide, won the coveted Mary Finocchiaro Award for Excellence in the Development of Pedagogical Materials from TESOL, USA.

Born in Finland, Ghosn has lived with her Lebanese husband and two children, Katerina and Omar, in Greece, USA and Lebanon. She is a proud grandmother of little Kiira.


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 Select Publications for Children

  1. Ghosn, I.-K. Enjoy English! Grade 3 (Student Book,  Activity Book & Teacher’s Book). Beirut: UNRWA Education Programme, 2013.
  2. Ghosn, I.-K. Enjoy English! Grade 2 (Student Book,  Activity Book & Teacher’s Book. Beirut: UNRWA Education Programme, 2012.
  3. Ghosn, I.-K. Enjoy English! Grade 1 (Student Book,  Activity Book & Teacher’s Book. Beirut: UNRWA Education Programme, 2011.
  4. Ghosn, I.-K. Phoenician Friends. Beirut: Dar El-Ilm Lilmalayin, 2011.
  5. Ghosn, I.-K. The Little Hen Gets Help, 2009 [Online]
  6. Ghosn, I.-K. (with G. E. Ghosn) Adhi’bu! Adhi’bu! [Wolf! Wolf!], Beirut: Dar El-Ilm Lilmalayin, 2010.
  7. Ghosn, I.-K Abu’l Kheir [Abul, the True Hero]. [transl. G. E. Ghosn]. Beirut: Dar El-Ilm Lilmalayin, 2009.

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