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Sleiman El Hajj

Dr. Sleiman El Hajj is currently Assistant Professor of Creative and Journalistic Writing at LAU. He studied Creative Writing at Exeter College, the University of Oxford (2014), and completed a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire in England (2013-2017). His PhD specialism is interdisciplinary. It combines fiction, life writing, and 21st-century world literature.

Dr. El Hajj was the lead archival indexing consultant for the Emile Bustani Foundation (2008-2013). In this capacity, he produced the Index for the Emile Bustani Archives, accessible digitally at the Jafet Library in AUB. The latter amount to 38,042 pages of trilingual archival material, including documents pertaining to the oil industry and to building the infrastructure in the Gulf in the middle of the last century, political and state correspondence, international public relations with investors and politicians in the US and the UK, local earthquakes and natural disasters, and extensive newspaper coverage, both in local and foreign press. Prior to this appointment, El Hajj was staff writer for the Office of Information and Public Relations at AUB, writing more than 100 news articles between 2004 and 2008.    

Since July 2015, El Hajj has been Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a professional body that monitors and promotes teaching quality in universities across the UK.


Dr. El Hajj is currently working on a commissioned study for the US journal Biography. The study seeks to appraise life writing outputs in Lebanon between 2017 and 2018 in relation to narratives concerning vulnerable or culturally embattled groups in the area: timely writings on and/or by refugees, women, and LGBTs living in today’s Lebanon. His recent publications explore different iterations of gender, sexuality, and movement. Dr. El Hajj’s output spans creative and critical research and has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such as Excursions (the University of Sussex) and Life Writing (Taylor and Francis: Routledge), and in short story collections and anthologies such as Crooked Holster, and Prole: Poetry and Prose.


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