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“A 2016 Manfred”

Posted May 18, 2016 in English

For the creative part in the “Introduction to Literature” course, Dr. Hadia Sfeir’s students re-worked and re-created Lord Byron’s Manfred then showcased it in a theatrical performance with media work of their choice.

The visuals below are some snapshots with some excerpts…

1-Andrea Hage Chahine

On top of the image there is a light sparkling on each side of a person, the male and female versions (as in my story, Manfred is a transvestite). On the bottom part, you can see two paintings symbolizing the void in a person’s identity, which I used to also capture the two sides of Manfred’s sexuality, and the separation between him and his sister. You will read the caption in red…


2-Mariana Chemaly - Cynthia El Homsy


Manfred: Eco-critical and Feminist…

Ile Verte is the monarch of islands;

They crown’d her long ago …

Around her waist are oceans braced,

The tsunami in her hand;

But ere it fall, that relaxing ball

Must pause for my command.

3-Maram Kamar - Bryan Arab - Andrea Abou Jaoude


Once we let go of our society’s discourses and stereotypes, we will be able to see the other party’s reaching arm. 

4-Rawan Chakas


Behind all the discourses we build, men and women are one.

ASTARTE? … Manfred steps closer and he is astonished: Astarte looks like him and he resembles her too… This place is ruled by harmony and peace.

5-Elizabeth El khoury - Sahar Al Toufaily - Rouba Nasser


6-Michel Mitri - Christian Chadd - Jonas Moorkaar


7-Mariam Sobh - Houssam Mackieh






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