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Department of Education

BA in Education

 LAU offers at the BA level two programs in Education:

  1. Early Childhood Education (95 credits)
  2. Elementary Education (95 credits)

Graduates of the BA program in Education will be able to:


All programs of study include:

I. Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (13 credits)

II. Liberal Arts Electives (21 credits)

II. Free Electives (7 credits)

IV. Major Core Requirements (24 credits)

Number Course Cr
EDU201 Fundamentals of Education 3
EDU203 Reading Across the Curriculum 3
EDU204 Educational Psychology 3
EDU208 Teaching Diverse Learners 3
EDU308 Multilingualism in the Classroom 3
EDU310 Computers in Education 3
EDU330 Mgt. of Learning Environments 3
EDU332 Educational Assessment 3
STA302 Intro. to Statistics in the S.S. 3
EDU499 Senior Study in Education 3

V. Emphasis Requirements (24 credits)

      1. Early Childhood Education Emphasis

Number Course Cr
ART333 Art Education 3
EDU209 English for Elementary Teachers 3
EDU211 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
EDU340 Literacy for Early Years 3
EDU341 Numeracy for Early Years 3
EDU348 Performing Arts for Children 3
Number Course Cr
EDU300 Practicum I: ECE 3
EDU420 Practicum 2: ECE 3

2. Elementary Emphasis (Home Room Teaching):

Number Course Cr
EDU209 English for Elementary Teachers 3
EDU211 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
EDU342 PCK/Math 3
EDU343 PCK / Science 3
EDU344 PCK / English 3
EDU345 PCK / Social Studies 3
Number Course Cr
EDU302 Practicum I: Elementary 3
EDU424 Practicum 2: Elementary 3





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