The School of Arts & Sciences

Department of Education

Mission, objectives and learning outcomes

Department of Education Mission

In line with the mission of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Education at LAU strives for excellence in the preparation of qualified educators committed to evidence-based practices, respect for diversity, and ongoing personal and professional development.

Program Objectives

Education graduates will:

PO1. Acquire research-based pedagogical content knowledge with particular attention to the needs of diverse learners.

 PO2. Design effective learning situations and communicate knowledge in many modalities, drawing on up-to-date educational technologies.

 PO3. Continually evaluate effects of their choices and actions on the learning process, collaborate productively in a group setting, and actively engage in opportunities to grow professionally.

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1. Analyze critically the contents and organization of modern school curricula.

 PLO2. Apply theories of learning to instructional decision-making and curriculum design, with attention to diverse learners’ characteristics.

 PLO3. Apply theories and techniques of student learning assessment.

 PLO4. Utilize a variety of communication techniques suitable for learners in a non-native language, including written, verbal, nonverbal and media-based communication.

 PLO5. Design and manage effective learning environments.

 PLO6. Engage in a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, reflecting and improving professional practice.

 PLO7. Demonstrate collaborative and ethical professional practice.


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