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Mahmoud Natout

Mahmoud Natout is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Education, LAU, Beirut campus. Mahmoud has taught courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences at undergraduate, post-graduate and graduate levels.  Currently, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at the Department of Education at LAU that include: Educational Psychology, Teaching of Social Studies, Research Methods in Education as well as the post-graduate seminar in Teaching and Learning. 

Mahmoud’s main research interest involves the enquiry into the meaning of teaching. His research combines philosophical, ethnographic, and cultural-historical methods with a critical attentiveness to the understanding of the changing nature of teaching as a form of socio-cultural practice.  His research also explores critical pedagogies for Higher Education and in specific for Liberal Arts Education, Teacher Education, and teaching of the Social Sciences. 

Selected publications and conference papers

  1. Natout, M. (2011, April). Between ‘prophet’ and ‘professional’: imagery and identification amongst beginning teachers in Lebanon. Paper Presentation at Discourse, Power, Resistance – Changing Education Conference – University of Plymouth, April 15-17, 2010, Plymouth, U.K. 
  2. Natout, M. (2010, April). Why Children, why are you here? In and Out of Education … What Can We Teach Nowadays?  Panel Discussion at The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan Home Works 5: A Forum on Cultural Practices, April 21 – May 1, 2010, Beirut, Lebanon. (Invited).
  3. Natout, M. (2009, October). Must Social Cohesion be the Goal of Education? Paper Presentation at Education for Social Cohesion in Lebanon Conference, Center for Lebanese Studies, October 15-17, 2009, Beirut, Lebanon. (Invited).
  4. Natout, M. (2012). Enduring Dialogue: a contextual approach to interfaith dialogue in the Middle East. In Mouawad, R. J., Aercke, K. and Behmardi, V. (eds)  Discrimination and Violence in the Middle East. Würzburg: Ergon, pp. 103-9.

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