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Hagop A. Yacoubian

Dr. Hagop A. Yacoubian joined the Department of Education in fall 2018 as associate professor of education. Prior to his appointment at LAU, he was an associate professor of education and the chair of the Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Haigazian University. Dr. Yacoubian’s research generally focuses on exploring how future citizens can be empowered so that they develop a critical mindset and engage in democratic decision-making processes. One area of his research involves exploring desirable ways of preparing scientifically literate future citizens. Towards that end, he focuses on studying how future citizens can be supported so that they think critically about the nature of science and science-based social issues. Another area of his research involves understanding factors that contribute to (or hinder) the development of critical mindset among future citizens.

Dr. Yacoubian has given several academic talks, consulted schools and projects, as well as trained teachers and school administrators in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Previously he has also worked as secondary school science teacher, administrator and teacher educator in Lebanon and Canada. 

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