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BS in Mathematics

The BS in Mathematics program is designed to offer a quality education in mathematics in addition to a solid foundation in the liberal arts by providing students with a strong background in the skills of logic, reasoning, critical thinking, and technology.

The program covers the traditional aspect of any mathematics major in addition to courses that cover contemporary topics in mathematics. In addition, it offers a combination of pure and applied mathematics courses, thus exposing the learner to mathematical fields that are useful in a multitude of applications such as the physical sciences and engineering, among others.

The program prepares students for a wide range of careers such as teaching, but also careers in banking and finance, and engineering. It also prepares students to pursue graduate studies in mathematics, applied mathematics, or other related fields.

Students enrolled in the BS in Mathematics program may also earn a minor in Actuarial Science or in Computer Science.


The required areas of study include core mathematics courses to form a solid foundation in the areas of real analysis, complex analysis, linear algebra, abstract algebra, probability and statistics. Electives vary between the pure and applied mathematics courses. In addition, students are required to complete three credits in computer programming and nine credits chosen in the fields of actuarial science, the natural sciences, computer science, engineering, or business.

I. Core requirements (30 credits)

Number Course Cr
MTH201 Calculus III 3
MTH206 Calculus IV 3
MTH207 Discrete Structures I 3
MTH301 Linear Algebra 3
MTH305 Probability and Statistics 3
MTH311 Abstract Algebra 3
MTH401 Real Analysis I 3
MTH409 Introduction to Topology 3
MTH403 Introduction to Complex Analysis 3

Choose either

MTH410 Real Analysis II 3


MTH411 Advanced Topics in Abstract Algebra 3

II. Mathematics electives (15 credits)

Number Course Cr
MTH302 Geometry 3
MTH303 Numerical Methods 3
MTH304 Differential Equations 3
MTH306 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 3
MTH308 Number Theory 3
MTH309 Graph Theory 3
MTH310 Set Theory 3
MTH400 Advanced Linear Algebra 3
MTH498 Topics in Mathematics 3
MTH410 Real Analysis II 3
MTH411 Advanced Topics in Abstract Algebra 3

III. Computer Science requirement (3 credits)

Number Course Cr
CSC243 Object Oriented Programming 3

IV. Restricted electives (6 credits)

Students are required to complete six credits numbered 200 or above from computer science, engineering, chemistry, physics, biology and actuarial science.

V. Free electives (4 credits)

The following is a suggested list of courses for the restricted electives from the Business School and from the School of Engineering:

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