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Sanaa Sharafeddine

Sanaa Sharafeddine is an associate professor of computer science. She received her BE and ME in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1999 and 2001, respectively. She received her doctoral degree in Communications Engineering from Munich University of Technology (TUM) in 2005, in collaboration with Siemens AG research labs in Munich. Her research interests include lightweight solutions for mobile devices, wireless networking, cooperative communications, multimedia services, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

She is an area editor for Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks journal and associate editor for IEEE Access. She received the International Rising Talent award in 2015 and the L’Oreal-UNESCO Pan-Arab Regional Fellowship award in 2013. She is also the recipient of Charlie Korban award for outstanding graduate student in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at AUB in 2001, and Siemens Youth and Knowledge Scholarship for highly distinguished students during 2002-2005. She was elevated to the grade of senior IEEE member in 2010.

Selected publications

  1. HA. Alameddine, S. Sharafeddine, S. Sebbah, S. Ayoubi, C Assi, ”Dynamic task offloading and scheduling for low-latency IoT services in multi-access edge computing,” in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2019.
  2. N. Kherraf, HA. Alameddine, S. Sharafeddine, C. Assi, A. Ghrayeb, ”Optimized provisioning of edge computing resources with heterogeneous workload in IoT networks,” in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2019.
  3. D. Ebrahimi, S. Sharafeddine, P. Ho, and C. Assi. ”UAV-aided projection-based compressive data gathering in wireless sensor networks,” in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018.
  4. N. Abbas, H. Hajj, S. Sharafeddine, and Z. Dawy. ”Traffic offloading with channel allocation in cache-enabled ultra-dense wireless networks.” in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2018.
  5. S. Sharafeddine and O. Farhat. ”A proactive scalable approach for reliable cluster formation in wireless networks with D2D offloading.” Ad Hoc Networks, 77, 2018.
  6. L. Aoude, Z. Dawy, S. Sharafeddine, K. Frenn and K. Jahed. ”Social-aware device-to-device offloading based on experimental mobility and content similarity models.” in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2018.
  7. N. Abbas, H. Hajj, Z. Dawy, K. Jahed, and S. Sharafeddine. ”An optimized approach to video traffic splitting in heterogeneous wireless networks with energy and QoE considerations.” in Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 83, pp.72-88, 2017.
  8. M. Itani, S. Sharafeddine, and I. ElKabani. ”Dynamic multiple node failure recovery in distributed storage systems.” in Ad Hoc Networks, 2018.
  9. S. Sharafeddine, K. Jahed, O. Farhat, and Z. Dawy. ”Failure recovery in wireless content distribution networks with device-to-device cooperation.” in Computer Networks, 128, pp.108-122, 2017. 
  10. M. Itani, S. Sharafeddine, and I. Elkabani. ”Dynamic single node failure recovery in distributed storage systems.” in Computer Networks, 113, pp.84-93, 2017.

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