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Nashat Mansour

Dr. Nashat Mansour is a professor of computer science and the director of the Liberal Arts Curriculum and Academic Compliance. He was also the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. His research interests include software engineering, applications of meta-heuristics and data mining, and bioinformatics. He is also the president of the Arab Computer Society.

Selected publications

  1. Metaheuristic Algorithm for State-Based Software Testing. Applied Artificial Intelligence Journal. Taylor&Francis, Vol. 32, Issue 2, pp. 197-213, 2018 (equal contribution with Ramzi Haraty and Hratch Zeitunlian)
  2. Regression Test Cases Prioritization Using Clustering and Code Change Relevance. Int. Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Vol. 26, No. 05, pp. 733-768, 2016 (with R. Haraty, L. Moukahal, I. Khalil).
  3. MMLD based Genetic algorithm for tag SNP selection.  Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, Vol. 6, 1-9, 2014, Springer (with A. Mouawad).
  4. Ab initio Protein Structure Prediction: Methods and Challenges. Book Chapter in Biological Knowledge Discovery Handbook: Preprocessing, Mining and Postprocessing of Biological Data, M. Elloumi and A. Y. Zomaya (Eds.), IEEE-Wiley, New Jersey, 2014 (with J. Abbass and J.-C. Nebel).
  5. Particle swarm optimization approach for protein structure prediction in the 3D HP model.   Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, 4, 1-11, 2012, Springer (with F. Kanj, H. Khachfe).
  6. UML based regression testing for OO software. Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2011, 51-68. (with H. Takkoush, A. Nehme).
  7. Scatter search technique for exam timetabling. Applied Intelligence, Vol. 34, No. 2, 2011, 299-310 (with V. Isahakian, I. Ghalayini).
  8. Scatter search algorithm for protein structure prediction. International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, 5(5), 2009, 501-515. (with C. Kehyayan, H. Khachfe).
  9. Data generation for path testing. Software Quality Journal, Vol. 12, 2004, 121-136. (with M. Salame).
  10. Simulated annealing and genetic algorithms for optimal regression testing. Journal of Software Maintenance, 11(1), 1999, 19-34. (with K. Fakih).
  11. Parallel physical optimization algorithms for allocating data to multicomputer nodes. The Journal of Supercomputing, Vol. 8, 1994, 53-80. (with G. Fox).

Academic degrees

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