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May Hamdan

May Hamdan is an associate professor of Mathematics in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. She is also the Math club advisor. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut, and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Syracuse University. Her research interests include complex analysis as well as mathematics education and epistemology. She is a member of the Mathematical Association of America.
She is currently the chair of the School of Arts and Science Student affairs Council, and a member of the department assessment committee as well as the school curriculum council.

Selected publications 

  1. Intuitive Generalizations, Far East Journal of Math Education, (2012) Vol. 9(2)
  2. One Concept; Two Narrations, The Case Of The Logarithm, Primus,(2008) Vol. XVIII, No. 6
  3. Equivalent Definitions for Equivalence Classes. The Educational Studies in Mathematics, (2006) Volume 62, No. 2
  4. Radial Distribution of Zeros of Entire Functions and Sections of their Power Series of Entire Functions, Comptes Rendus Mathematiques, (2005), Vol. 27 pp 8-13
  5. Combinatorial Approach for a Scheduling Problem, Mathematical Sciences Research Journal, (2004), Volume 8 (2) pp 47-54

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