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Leila Issa

Dr. Leila Issa is an associate professor of Applied Mathematics. She was an assistant professor from 2011 until 2019. She obtained her doctorate from the Computational and Applied Mathematics Department at Rice University, where her research focused on imaging sources in randomly perturbed waveguides.

Dr. Issa’s current research interests are in the modeling, simulation and optimization of fluid flows, with applications on the micro and macro scales. On the micro scale, she works on the development and solution of perturbation based models for unsteady pressure driven flows in long channels of variable cross-section. These semi-analytic models are typically two orders of magnitude faster than computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, rendering them an essential tool for exploring design parameter spaces. On the macro scale, Dr. Issa develops novel and efficient algorithms to model surface currents and pollutant transport in the ocean. To know more about her current research, please visit her personal webpage:


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