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Danielle Azar

Danielle Azar is an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Computer Science and Math department at the Lebanese American University. She is also the chairperson of the department in Byblos.  Dr. Azar  joined LAU as an assistant professor in 2004 after earning a PhD degree in Computer Science from McGill University in Canada.

Her research interests lie in the fields of meta-heuristics, optimization, search-based software engineering and classification models.

She has been teaching courses in Object-Oriented Programming, Heuristics,Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Algorithms and data structures among others both at the graduate and undergradaute levels.
She was a course lecturer at McGill University from 2000 to 2002.

Selected publications


  1. J. Vybihal, D. Azar, Software Systems. Second Edition, Kendall Hunt Pub. 2011. ISBN=978-0757595141

International Refereed Journals and Conferences

  1. D. Azar, M. Bitar. AI-Based Methods for Predicting Required Insulin Doses for Diabetic Patients. In International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp. 8-24, March 2015
  2. H. Harmanani, D. Azar, N. Helal, A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem. Accepted in ISCA 26th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications (CATA), New Orleans, USA, March 2011.
  3. D. Azar, J. Vybihal. An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Improve Software Quality Predictive Models. In Journal of Information and Software Technology, Elsevier ed., Vol. 53, No. 4, pp. 388-393, Elsevier Science, 2011
  4. Danielle Azar, A Genetic Algorithm for Improving Accuracy of Software Quality Predictive Models: A Search-based Software Engineering Approach. In  International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, Vol . 9, No. 2,  pp. 125-136,  Imperial College Press, June, 2010.
  5. D. Azar, H. Harmanani, R. Korkmaz, A Hybrid Heuristic to Optimize Software Quality Estimation Models.  In Journal of Information and Software Technology,  Elsevier ed., Vol. 51, No.9. pp. 1365-1376, Elsevier Science, September 2009.

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