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Azzam Mourad

Dr. Azzam Mourad is an associate professor of computer science at the Lebanese American University since October 2009. He is also the associate chairperson at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. Dr. Mourad is an adjunct associate professor at Ecole de Technology Supérieure of the University of Québec, and coordinator of the Associated Research Unit on Intelligent Transport and Vehicular Technologies. He holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and an MSc in Computer Science from Laval University, Québec, Canada.

He has published more than 65 research papers in international peer-reviewed books, journals and conferences on IT security, web services security, mobile cloud computing, mobile and wireless network security, mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET), semantics-based analysis, policy-based computing, software security hardening, security patterns, Java acceleration, and mobile and embedded platforms.

Mourad won several prestigious and merit awards for his research work in the last couple of years. He supervised to successful completion 11 master’s students and many undergraduate projects at LAU and the Lebanese University. He is currently co-supervising four Ph.D. students and three master’s students at LAU, Concordia University (Canada) and ETS Montreal (Canada). He is also a senior IEEE member, associate editor for the IEEE Communications Letters, and TPC member of several prestigious conferences and technical reviewer of several highly ranked journals. He served as general co-chair of WiMob2016 and track/workshop/publicity chairs of several IEEE conferences. Moreover, he is chair and member of several university, school and departmental councils and committees.

Selected Publications

  1. Optimal Load Distribution for the Detection of VM-Based DDOS Attacks in the Cloud. In the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2016, IEEE.
  2. Smart Mobile Computation Offloading: Centralized Selective and Multi-Objective Approach. In the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 50: 40-54, 2016, Elsevier.
  3. Towards Trustworthy Multi-Cloud Services Communities: A Trust-Based Hedonic Coalitional Game. In the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2016, IEEE.
  4. Selective Mobile Cloud Offloading to Augment Multi-Persona Performance and Viability. In the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2016, IEEE.
  5. CEAP: SVM-Based Intelligent Detection Model for Clustered Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. In the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 50: 40-54, 2016, Elsevier
  6. From Model-Driven Specification to Design-Level Set-Based Analysis of XACML Policies. In the Journal of Computers & Electrical Engineering, 2015, Elsevier.
  7. A Survey on Trust and Reputation Models for Web Services: Single, Composite, and Communities. In the Journal of Decision Support Systems, 74: 121-134, 2015, Elsevier.
  8. SBA-XACML: Set-Based Approach Providing Efficient Policy Decision Process For Accessing Web Services. In the Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 42(1): 165-178, 2015, Elsevier.
  9. A Cooperative Watchdog model based on Dempster-Shafer for Detecting Misbehaving Vehicles. In the Journal of Computer Communications, 41: 43-54, 2014, Elsevier.
  10. Reputation-Based Cooperative Detection Model of Selfish Nodes in Cluster-based QoS-OLSR Protocol. In the Journal of Wireless Personal Communications, 75(3): 1747-1768, 2014, Springer.

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