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Azzam Mourad

Azzam Mourad is an assistant professor at the Lebanese American University. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal (Quebec), Canada and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Laval University, Quebec (Quebec), Canada.

He has published several research papers in international peer-reviewed books, journals and conferences on IT security, web services security, software security hardening, security/ software engineering, security patterns, aspect-oriented programming, wireless and network security, Java acceleration and mobile and embedded platforms.

Dr. Mourad won several prestigious and merit awards for his research work in the last couple of years. Previously he served as Post-Doctoral Fellow and Researcher at Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering, Concordia University.

He also serves as chair, technical program committee member and reviewer for many reputable journals and conferences in the field. The main topics of his current research activities are physical and IT security, Cloud computing, web service security, software security evaluation and hardening, security engineering, secure software design, ad-hoc network security and Java acceleration.


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  2. Reputation-Based Cooperative Detection Model of Selfish Nodes in Cluster-based QoS-OLSR Protocol. Accepted in the Journal of Wireless Personal Communications, 2013, Springer.
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  6. Vanet-QOLSR: QoS-based Clustering OLSR Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks. In the Journal of Computer Communications, 36(13): 1422-1435, 2013, Elsevier.
  7. A Novel Aspect-Oriented for the Dynamic Enforcement of Web Services Security. In the International Journal of Web and Grid Services, 8(4): 361-385, 2012, Inderscience.
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  10. Accelerating Embedded Java for Mobile Devices. In IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 43, Issue 9, Pages 80—85, September 2005, IEEE.

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