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LAU Online Summer Camps 2020


Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences Online Summer Camps 2020!

This year, the summer camps (from August 3 to August 7) will take a new and challenging twist: They will be online and have Environmental Science and Conservation as a common theme.

We will offer you a wholesome experience, focusing on a curriculum that is rooted in the Liberal Arts. Therefore, the choice of this theme aims to introduce you to the main issues affecting biodiversity in the world today. 

You can choose one of seven camps: English speech writing, English creative writing, translation, applied chemistry, physics, nutrition and food science, and computing.  

At the end of these exhilarating and intensive courses, you will showcase your final projects and get the chance to win a scholarship to LAU. 

Natural Sciences Camp


Chemistry Camp, you will get introduced to theoretical and applied chemical principles, discover diverse experimental procedures, virtually isolate natural products, synthesize medicinal active ingredients, and apply quantum mechanical approaches for modeling a chemical structure. You will also discover the curriculum and courses covered by the BS in Chemistry at LAU. An exciting talk will then familiarize you with career opportunities for freshly graduating chemists.

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Physics Camp is ideal for students interested in learning more about our universe; from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. This year’s summer camp examines the role of physics in serving the environment and addressing global challenges such as climate change, pollution, and energy. The camp consists of interactive online lectures, demonstrations, and virtual experiments. It will introduce you to topics such as electromagnetism, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and quantum physics. it will also cover special topics in environmental physics and present the frontiers of physics research in renewable energy, managing natural resources, and carbon capture technologies.

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Nutrition and Food Science Camp will introduce you to the essentials of the nutrition and food science discipline, which you can pursue by applying to a BS in Nutrition, a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program coupled with a Minor in Food Science and Management.

The summer camp modules will include macro and micronutrients, energy balance and weight regulation, nutrition-related diseases, physical activity, eating disorders, and food safety. In addition, myths vs. facts related to the nutrition/food in the era of COVID-19 will be tackled.

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English Speech Writing Camp

The online camp focuses on speech writing skills, a part of the department’s BA in English, which also emphasizes professional writing. You will be trained to communicate with better clarity and impact through writing introductions that grab an audience’s attention, making your message compelling and producing memorable conclusions. It will also coach you in structuring your ideas, focusing on content, and expressing them more effectively, confidently and creatively. 

You will get the opportunity to interact with peers in a proactive online setting. You will be addressing mostly the theme of Environmental Science and Conservation.

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English Creative Writing Camp

The camp exposes young writers to the art and craft of creative writing, another course in the BA in English. The sessions are designed to foster an appreciation of literary works and to help you develop and refine your creative writing skills.

This year’s theme is particularly important in the present circumstances as we enter a period of unprecedented change in human history. The summer camp sessions will allow you to explore the main issues affecting biodiversity in the world today.

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Translation Camp

If you are interested in pursuing a BA in Translation at LAU, this camp exposes you to a rich array of texts. This year you will enjoy exploring texts addressing the theme of environment at large. This will be made possible through the translation of journalistic and scientific texts from English into Arabic and vice versa. You will be introduced as well to some approaches in translation studies allowing you to decide on the appropriate strategies to use on the basis of these approaches and the features revealed in the source texts.

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Computing Camp

“The camp enabled me to discover my true passion. Today, I cannot imagine myself doing something else and I am grateful I had the opportunity to discover my passion. Our main goal is to introduce students to computer science, which is the key driver of innovation today. Actually, learning to program at a young age helps you solve everyday problems and get set up for a lifetime of opportunities.” - Rania Islambouli, camp tutor and first prize winner in the 2013 computing camp. Rania graduated from LAU with a BS in Computer Science in 2017.  

The camp introduces you to the Python language which has been trending for a good time now because of its simplicity and efficiency. The topics include the basic syntax, control structures, lists and GUI. The camp focuses on applying examples from real life in relation to the environment such as weather, temperature and humidity analysis.

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