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Summer is a fun and learning time at LAU!

The Lebanese American University is organizing seven summer camps from July 2 to July 6, 2018 for high school students. 

The camps consist of short courses that introduce students to a university-level education in:

-Physics (Beirut): The camp consists of interactive lectures, demonstrations and laboratory experiments. It introduces students to topics such as mechanics, sound, waves, electricity, magnetism, relativity and quantum physics.

-Chemistry (Beirut and Byblos): The camp provides students with experiential learning as they perform laboratory experiments on a daily basis. It also allows them to get a feel for synthesizing new compounds, experiencing bench-top wet chemistry and advanced chemical instrumentation.

-Computer Science (Beirut and Byblos): The camp introduces students to Java programming and mobile development. 

-Arabic creative writing (Beirut): The camp aims to improve the students’ Arabic creative writing skills.

-Philosophy (Beirut): The camp focuses on how to think philosophically about various issues we confront in life. It introduces students to reasoning and writing philosophically. 

-English creative writing (Beirut): The camp exposes young writers to the art and craft of creative writing. It includes seminars designed to foster an appreciation of literary works, and workshops designed to develop and refine personal writings. 

-English speech writing (Beirut): The camp focuses on speechwriting skills, a part of the department’s BA in English, which also emphasizes professional writing. It teaches students how to write better, express their ideas more effectively, and feel more confident in expressing themselves creatively. 

Each camp culminates in a project, and prizes will be distributed to the top five winners. Prizes include scholarships at LAU.

The summer camps are free of charge.

You can apply here.

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