The School of Arts & Sciences

Accreditation and program assessment

In the interest of continuous academic improvement, the School of Arts and Sciences at LAU has started a series of initiatives towards learning assessment, professional accreditation and program reviews. The BS in Computer Science program at LAU is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, All LAU departments are required to develop learning assessment plans.

To make sure the school’s academic programs stay current and competitive, they are periodically evaluated by external reviewers who are authorities in their respective fields. The process involves assessing program purpose, structure, and requirements as well as formal mechanisms for program administration and monitoring. It also yields comments on the special focus of each program, if any, as well as on plans and expectations for continuing program development and self-assessment.

Each year, the school chooses two programs to undergo external review. So far the following programs have been reviewed: MA in Comparative Literature, MS in Molecular Biology, MA in Education, BS in Chemistry, BA in Political Science and International Affairs, and BA in Psychology. The school is currently in the process of reviewing the BA in Communication Arts.

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